Top 25

May 13 2019

Heading into the final stretch of the 2019 season! What a ride for some of these squads! UCLA stays atop for the 7th consecutive week. Not sure if thats right, but im pretty sure! ;)

Three SEC teams in the Top 5 with Vandy Arkansas and Mississippi State all stay put from 2-4. Stanford rounds out top 5 to make it an ALL SEC PAC 12 top 5. Pretty standard for the past few years.

Georgia Tech pushing to take the ACC coastal crown after a solid 2 of 3 weekend vs Duke in Durham. Georgia has to put together one of the their best seasons in the last 5-10 years. I can't remember this type of success since the Gordon Beckham, Matt Cerione and Josh Fields days.

Your most likely ACC champs, Louisville took a few L's this weekend vs a hungry unperforming Virginia team and the brass mid-week vs Vanderbilt. Still a top squad though!

East Carolina Pirates took home the American Athletic reg season title Friday night. Those boys have a 6.5 game lead with a weekend to go. Talk about TOTAL domination! 

15-22 was just a chaotic mess. Teams just don't want the smoke. Some teams have just been up and down like a fishing bobber. Not naming any names.... 

Illinois, Tennessee and Dallas Baptist enter Top 25.

Tennessee might have a losing record in the SEC, but they are 15-15 against Q1 opponents. You can't find many teams that play 30 games vs those kind of teams. And to go .500? You got me sold! Vols are a talented squad, just lacking a little experience and grit that it takes to survive the SEC? Just my take...

Illinois continue to roll, just a game behind Indiana but dominated their seasonal matchup. Have been high on the Illini all season. They can win at home and on the road. 

Last but not least, the Patriots from Dallas Baptist! Coming off a HUGE HUGE sweep vs Indiana State! That Sycamore squad was 34-11 heading into the weekend. Impressive weekend for Dallas Baptist who now have 36 wins and are tied for 1st in the Missouri Valley with Illinois State. 


Full 25 below!